Dr. Debasis Panigrahi, IPS
Director Vigilance, Odisha


State Vigilance Academy has been truly ‘a dream come true’ for all of us. It also stands testimony to our passion and vision  for setting up a premier anti-corruption training Academy, the first of its kind for any state, which  in due course, will emerge as an institution of  national excellence and set the benchmark for training, development and capacity-building.

The need for continuous training and education in order to upgrade the manpower and logistical resources, especially the investigative capacity of Vigilance Officers can hardly be over emphasized. The anti-corruption processes and procedures need to be constantly updated and upgraded with infusion of latest technology and scientific aids to   investigation  in order to keep pace with changing times, increasing sophistication in the nature of commission of economic offences and the rapidly changing modus operandi of economic offenders. The State Vigilance Academy is intended to bridge a critical gap in this area.

Besides, Odisha Vigilance, being a totally deputationist  organization, drawing  its  investigating  personnel entirely from State Police, the induction of officers to state vigilance usually  takes place at the Inspector level, who are so far trained to handle Police Station work. Therefore, there is need of a thorough, meticulous and specialized anti-corruption training to be imparted to the police officers at the induction level. Besides, it is essential to have regular in-service training courses and workshops to equip the Vigilance Officers with the knowledge of latest laws and judgments on anti-corruption and allied subjects and exposure to the cutting edge technology and skills in anti-corruption investigation and enquiry.

There is also need to train our prosecutors, counsels and Chief Vigilance Officers of Government Departments, Heads of Departments and State Public Sector Undertakings. In the meantime, Government have accorded in-principle approval for introduction of  vigilance training modules  on anti-corruption, transparency and vigilance and appreciation of their critical linkages to development and good governance for  the  officers of  All India Services and State Government.  Their training, both as part of induction training and in-service training programmes, will be taken up after the content of the training module for each service is finalized.Vigilance training will also equip them to strengthen preventive vigilance within their own organization.

In addition to regular training activities, internship programmes  for law students are also being conducted at the State Vigilance Academy. We are  in the process of enlarging the internship programmes to include students from more law colleges and universities and extend our interface with the academia.

We  have made a modest beginning  towards a full fledged   Academy, starting  with a smart interactive  Classroom, a  mini Auditorium,  a Library,  Faculty Room, a Computer and Social Media Lab and Simulation Room. A Trainees’ Hostel has also been provided from out of existing infrastructure.  Budget provision has been made for construction of a full fledged Trainees’ Hostel with a convention centre. We have also plans of vertical expansion of the Academy. An institutional structure with the existing manpower and some contractual engagements has been put in place for smooth running of the Academy, watch and ward and conduct of training programmes. Provision for guest faculty has  been made. The manpower and the logistical resources for the Academy are being further upgraded.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that though the Academy is still in its nascent stage, yet, it has been awarded ISO certification in recognition of the quality of its Training Courses and infrastructure. We have also designed a beautiful logo and website for the Academy.

In view of the ongoing Corona Pandemic, holding of physical training classes observing social distancing norms and other precautionary measures to contain spread of the pandemic has been made unfeasible.Therefore, we are starting online training courses for officers and the Academy will work remotely through video conferencing for some time. On-line training will also make a significant value addition to the existing capacity of the Academy.

Since, we do not have the grandeur  of  scale, we have tried to build a small and compact Academy, the concept being “small is beautiful”.

The Academy has shaped up well and is growing fast.  I hope, in course of time, this Academy will grow in stature and standing at the national level and meet the requirements of Odisha Vigilance and other anti-corruption agencies of the country.