The logo of State Vigilance Academy comprises of seven colours i.e Sky Blue, Deep Blue, White, Green, Red, Maroon and Mustard Yellow with the Ashok pillar at top, title of the Academy in shape of a circle in centre enveloped with olive branches and the motto of the Academy is ‘Transparency, Honesty, Integrity’ inscribed at the base.

The Ashok pillar represents the National Emblem of India. The olive branches represent peace. The colour combination used in designing the logo reflects certain innate values close to the aims and objectives of Vigilance Organization. The Sky Blue represents ‘Honesty, Integrity, Depth & Stability’, Deep Blue represents ‘Confidence, Truth & Sincerity’, White represents ‘Purity, Innocence, Wholeness & Completion’, Green represents ‘Growth, Harmony, Safety, Fertility & Environment’’, Red represents ‘Strength, Leadership, Will Power, Vibrance & Determination’, Maroon represents ‘Confidence, Ambition, Courage, Strength, Power, Warmth & Beauty’ and Mustard Yellow represents ‘Clarity, Energy, Optimism, Enlightenment, Remembrance, Intellect, Loyalty & Joy’.